Abano thermal pools

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alberghi Montegrotto

Additional amenities

  • • 320 sqm of indoor relaxation area with tanning beds, deck chairs, rocking chairs and daybeds
  • • The Kneipp therapy with separate temperatures of 18 e 38 °C
  • • The Finnish sauna at 90°C
  • • The Scottish shower with cold water
  • • The emotional showers with hot water shower and cold steam bath
  • • The grotto with thermal steam
  • • The fitness corner

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Spa and Wellness Park

Come and try an immensely relaxing experience! We present our new Spa and Wellness Park: 2,500 square metres entirely dedicated to wellness and tranquillity. It is a special place because our spa waters are special and unique, and renowned worldwide for their many beneficial, relaxing and healthy qualities.

Water characteristics:
The waters that flow out pure and clear at a temperature of 87°C from two sources at Hotel Eliseo come from an 80 km-long water course at a depth going down to 3,000 metres, which may last for thousands of years. Throughout this extremely slow journey, they are enriched with minerals that make them saline-bromine-iodine waters.

Therapeutic water qualities:
The waters in the four pools of the Spa and Wellness Park facilitate active joint motion, make movements easier, relax the muscles and reduce pain. Moreover, the intense vasodilatory action stimulates the work of the blood. They are also acknowledged for their natural anti-inflammatory action.

Incanto pool
Be embraced by warm water in an elegant pool room with many hydromassage points. Set in an environment featuring fine architectural elements, the Incanto pool is sanitized with liquid oxygen: this special system allows guests to enter fresh, odour-free water, devoid of harmful chlorine by-products and more gentle on the eyes and skin.

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Surface area: 70 square metres
Depth: 130 cm
Temperature: 34.5°C - 36.6°C
Hydromassage: 2 vertical massage jets; 1 three-seat chaise longue with effervescent hydromassage; 6 hydromassage armchairs; 3 total body hydromassage points; 4 vertical hydromassage tubs; 2 vertical champagne hydromassage jets, and 2 total body hydromassage loungers

La Fonte- Eliseo, 1956 Pool
The first and only source of thermal water for bathing with pure unfiltered and chlorine-free thermal water can be found at the Terme di Abano and Montegrotto. Built over our first thermal water table discovered in 1956, "La Fonte - Eliseo, 1956" pool boasts a constant flow of thermal water that naturally springs from the depths of the ground after being enriched with precious minerals for thousands of years. It differs from all the other pools due to the absence of any chemical agents that would alter its beneficial properties. Therefore, it is the only pool that can now be considered therapeutic.
Its ethereal mist, and the typical scent of our thermal waters, will take you on an ancestral journey through history, nature and health.

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Surface area: 18 square metres
Depth: 40 cm – 120 cm
Temperature: 34°C - 38°C
Hydromassage: 1 cervical waterfall and 3 total body hydromassage points

Allegra Pool
Set among the greenery in our garden with water features and hydromassage, the Allegra pool brings serenity and happiness thanks to its sunny position and its sinuous contours.

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Surface area: 250 square metres
Depth: 110 cm – 160 cm
Temperature: 35°C - 36°C
Hydromassage: 2 total body effervescent loungers, 1 total body hydromassage lounger, 3 cervical waterfalls, 1 cervical mushroom shaped water jet, 1 bench with lumbar and foot jets with 6 points, vascular walk, hydromassage jets for the back and legs

Attiva Pool
Directly accessed in the lift and connected to the Allegra pool, it is our covered pool dedicated to water activities: water fitness, hydrokinesis and hydrobike help with rehabilitation and remise-en-forme in a gentle and relaxing manner.

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Surface area: 50 square metres
Depth: 110 cm – 140 cm
Temperature: 34°C - 35°C