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Montegrotto hotels

Beauty center

  • • Aesthetic treatments for him and her
  • • Manicure and pedicure
  • • Facial cleansing
  • • uva lamps
  • • spa grotto (sauna)
  • • hydro-massage walkway
  • • Aesthetic treatments for face and body
  • • Anti-cellulite
  • • Anti- ageing
  • • Contouring

Montegrotto hotel

Montegrotto hotels

Montegrotto hotel


Ideal for getting back in shape, a spa holiday takes great care of all your beauty needs with specific treatments for face and body. Natural fitocosmetic products are used, those designed for him and those for her.

The Eliseo hotel wellness centre offers customised beauty treatments to meet all needs, the most modern and highly effective ones which combine the use of advanced cosmetic technology with volumptuous aesthetic pampering… Because it is possibile to have beauty and pleasure together!

Special offersRSS

From February 08 2018 to February 13 2018

VENICE CARNIVAL 2018 - SPECIAL OFFER at the thermal baths of Abano Montegrotto - € 159

"Carnival at the Thermal Baths ...

From February 12 2018 to February 14 2018

VALENTINE’S DAY 2018 - romantic WEEKEND offers - € 209

Romantic St. Valentine’s and Venice ...

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Packages of the monthRSS

RELAX IN EDEN (3 nights) - 309 €

• 3 Nights and 3 Days - Full board
1 Ayurveda tridosha massage (55')
1 Partial shiatsu (25')
1 Oriental massage with hot oils (25') . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...

BLISS IN THE CLOUDS (1 night) - 149 €

• 1 Night and 1 Day - Full board
1 Total body anti-stress massage (55’)
1 Cloud-bath treatment (30’) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...

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Body beauty treatments

• Haeomolymphatic treatments

Lymph-draining - technique which activates lymphatic system to permit the elimination of stagnant liquids and waste products.
Haeomolymphatic massage - useful for the elimination of excess liquids and establishing a better blood circulation.

• Exfoliating treatments

Salt peeling with hydrating massage - thanks to the use of salt rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium and  bromide, which has distinct draining, smoothing and relaxing properties The saline scrub is followed by a moisturising massage.
Body peeling - body massage with peeling: excellent for  purifying skin and freeing it from dead cells, allowing the active ingredients in the emulsions and oils used in the following treatments to penetrate more deeply.

• Contouring treatments

“Bottom firming” massage - professional treatment for toning and shaping bottom. Excellent for those who have the problem of localised fat deposits. Visibile results already after the first treatment.
Aesthetic anti-cellulite massage - contours and slims, with essential oils to remove imperfections due to fat deposits and cellulite.
Anti-cellulite massage with contouring mask - anti-cellulite massage conbined with a mask suitable for the grade of cellulite to be treated.
Aesthetic contouring massage - customised massage using active ingredients which reduce, slim and prevent cellulite.
Toning treatment using cool wraps - particularly suitable for those who have cellulite problems but also suitable for those who have circulation problems and problems with capillaries.
Manual Skin Body scrub - rapid aesthetic intervention programme which activates the spread of nutritious plasma that promotes connective disintoxication. The skin immediately looks more toned and thighs  smaller.
Ultrasound cellulite shock wave treatment - ultrasounds convey the active ingredients that fight cellulite deep down. Excellent when combined with lymph draining and wraps.
Slimming mud with anti-cellulite massage - beauty plant mud-based reducing treatment: inches of your thighs and waist in just three treatments.

• Neck, breast and cleavage treatments

Breast shaping massage - toning massage which allows the active ingredients contained in the toning serums to penetrate more deeply. Followed by a toning mask.
Neck, breast and cleavage treatment with algomusk tonic - immediate toning effect thanks to the synergy of the manipulation and the algomusk tonic.

• Body beauty services

Pedicure - EGO BEAUTY & WELLNESS is also a SPA for feet. Our pedicure is curative, aesthetic and for those who wish to be pampered a little more it can also be combined with plantar reflexology.
Manicure – a service not only for our lady guests but also offered to men who continually pay more attention to their image and for whom we have designed a specific programme.
Solarium U.V.A. - stand up solarium with latest generation lamps, shades of gold possible also for delicate skin.
Depilation - complete depilation, partial or facial.

Beauty estreme luxury

• BeUnique: anti-ageing facial treatment with vegetable stem cells

Innovative treatment based on vegetable stem cells that protect skin stem cells, metabolites that fight ageing, and PG-like hibiscus that stimulates collagen synthesis. Skin already appears younger after the first treatment!

• Chronotion: face lifting treatment

Extraordinary treatment based on vegetable neuropeptides and mandelic acid. Skin appears smoother with an immediate filling effect. A true vegetable “botox” treatment.

Montegrotto hotel

Facial beauty treatments

• Complete facial cleansing

A delicate peeling is followed by ozone vapours, to ensure deep cleansing and better absortion of active ingredients. A massage permits excess liquids to drain away making the skin more toned. Finally a mask helps to soften lines due to facial expressions.

• Facial programme MEN

Treatment for men’s skin, thicker and more stressed by shaving. Cleansing is done with quick absorbing products which add luminosity to the face.

• Wellness mud and facial massage

Aesthetic clay mud mask, excellent for normalising greasy and seboric skin. Also suitable for skin with acne. Excelllent anti-toxins and against free radicals.

• Facial massage with moisturisng mask

This relaxing and draining massage for the face helps to activate the moisturising active ingredients contained in the mask.

• Facial lymph-draining massage

Unblocks lymph glands, giving the face an immediate light sensation. Aimed at stressed skin with water retention.
Personalized facial treatments with Argan Oil
(including: exfoliating, ozone vapors, beauty massage, argan oil-based mask/algae treatment with thermal oligoelements activator and placement of an exclusive cloth dipped in marine extracts or precious natural activators)
HYDRA Treatment: hyperhydrating treatment
PURE Treatment: stimulating treatment for mature skin
MAGNIFICA Treatment: elasticizing anti-age treatment
DIVINA Treatment: cooling treatment for sensitive skin
PURITY Treatment: Combination skin purifier

Facial beauty services
Eyebrow shaping and design
Make-up for day time
Cosmetic consultation with make-up artist
Eyelash and eyebrow colouring
Facial Hair Removal

Premium facial treatments

• Anti-aging premium facial treatments

A " surgical cosmetic" able to rejuvinate skin and to give it back tone and balance. Preventitive cosmetics which have a normalising action, optimise moisture levels increasing skin tone, stabalise ph level and smooth wrinkles. They protect against pollution and stress.

• Premium Facial cleaning (normalizing)

Professional facial treatment optimising with biorythms. It is an advanced cosmetic which respects life cycles. PRINCIPI is not a simple treatment, it is a programme requiring professionals. PRINCIPI protects, moisturises, nourishes and smooths respecting the physiology of the skin.

• Ultrasound skin-complex facial treatment

Plant-based precious active ingredients for a facial combined with ultrasound.

• Bright gaze (eye-area treatment)

A treatment able to drain liquids, reduce facial swelling and bags under the eyes for radiant and smooth eye contours.

The Eliseo Hotel is also a proper beauty farm. It always has the most advanced beauty and aesthetic cures and treatments, the beauty farms in Abano Terme and Montegrotto, use the beneficial and curative properties of spa mud and water for their innotive aesthetic treatments. Abano is the capital of the Veneto region and Europe for beauty farm holidays.

We have equipped a fitness area for you with a complete Kettler training circuit, world leader in fitness: running machine, excercise bike, spin bike, electronic rowing-machine, elliptic step for cross-training, all computerised and fitted with a heart pulse rate monitor for training with heart rate under check, ideal for either slimming or excercise and for various programmes available in your individual sessions...
Because sport means beauty.