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Montegrotto hotels

Thermal establishment

  • • Indoor thermal center
  • • Indoor thermal pool
  • • Outdoor thermal pool with hydro-massage
  • • Thermal cave (sauna)
  • • Kneipp circuit with hydro-massage

Montegrotto hotel

Montegrotto hotel

Thermal spas

Comfortably wearing their bathrobes, our guests can go down to the thermal center which is situated within Hotel Eliseo, to indulge in their well-being in complete relaxation.

They can dip themselves in thermal water tubs (temperature ranging 37° C e i 38° C). This warm water is replete with mineral salts, and springs out naturally from the Euganei Hills and then enhance the mud of Montegrotto and Abano Terme, creating a unique environment known for the last 2,000 years for its therapeutic properties, ideal for cures and treatments promoting fitness and a sense of well-being. Hotel Eliseo continues with this age-old tradition and takes advantage of the extraordinary curative properties of the water and mud to create an innovative Thermal center for total wellness.

Osteoporosis, rheumatism (metabolic and inflammatory, bursitis, tendinitis, periarthritis, epicondylitis), traumatic lesions, and recovery from fractures, orthopedic surgery, gout, and many diseases of the respiratory system, are some of the pathologies that the sodium, potassium, iodine and silica present in the water and mud of Montegrotto and Abano Terme cure and prevent.

The very highly-qualified medical team prescribes cures and treatments and follows guests very closely, so that therapies can have the intended effect.

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From March 16 2021 to December 20 2021

MINI WEEK END - Special offer 1 night and 2 days - from 119 €

" Overnight relaxation weekend " ...

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UNWIND - 79 €

1 Body peeling with sea salt (25')
1 Regenerating bath with pure thermal water and ozone hydromassage
1 Total body relaxing aroma massage (25')
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...


1 Lymph draining for legs or 1 Anti-stress massage (25')
1 Moisturising massage with natural almond oil (25')
1 Facial massage with moisturising cream (25')
1 Relaxing massage with aromatic oils (25') . . . . . . . . ...

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Thermal treatments

• Medical examination for admission to the treatments

The doctor and health director of the thermal facility, after checking the medical documentation of the guest, performs a medical check up and details his findings in a client's personal medical file with the treatments he recommends. The medical check-up is mandatory and prepares one for the mud therapy.

• Mud therapy

The thermal mud of Montegrotto and Abano Terme is a perfect combination of clay, mineral water and biological elements, which make it a potent anti-inflammatory with relaxing properties for muscles and the nervous system. The application of mud is the first step of the thermal curative process: in special rooms of the thermal facility of Hotel Eliseo, mud is packed on the skin at temperatures going from 40° C to 42° C during 15 - 20 minutes, then it is rinsed away with a warm thermal water shower before you immerse yourself in the thermal waters.

• Balneotherapy with ozone

It is the second step of the thermal curative process. You immerse yourself in thermal water tubs (at temperatures of 37° C and 38° C) which are rich in mineral salts for 15 minutes, to enhance the effect of the mud therapy and to take advantage of the vasodilator, relaxing and analgesic qualities of the water. The addition of the very fine ozone hydro-massage multiplies the beneficial effects of this treatment by stimulating blood circulation. After the bath, the guest will undergo the perspiration phase in his own private room.

• Spa grotto

A rare privilege for hotels at Montegrotto and Abano Terme, is the very special atmosphere saturated with moist and warm thermal air, excellent for the vasodilator process, for muscle relaxation and for purification of the skin, making the curative offer by Hotel Eliseo that much more intense.
Thermal steam cave:
Temperature: 55-60 °C
Humidity: 85-90%
Surface: 12 square meters
Hours of operation of the thermal cave: 6 - 11:30 and 15:30 - 18:30
For safety reasons, access to the thermal steam cave is only permitted to adults and always under the supervision of the pool attendant.

• Inhalants and Aerosol

The modern aerosol and nebulizers provided by Hotel Eliseo thermal center allow guests to obtain maximum benefits from thermal water even during inhalation therapy prescribed for bronchial problems, -even chronic ones-, and speed up healing of respiratory ailments, such as rhinitis and sinusitis.

Thermal treatments

The mud treatment at Hotel Terme Eliseo is classified as 1st Superior Category by the Minister of Health for its quality and proven therapeutic properties. Our Thermal Center is part of the monitored network of the University of Padua which controls the maturation process and the quality of the thermal mud.
The Thermal Center of Hotel Eliseo is classified to be at the first superior level for mud therapy by the Ministry of Health.

• Hydrokinesitherapy in thermal waters

Water exercises are the ideal therapy for rehabilitation and had to be included in the thermal vacation program of Hotel Eliseo: the benefits of warm thermal water work in conjunction with the movements, producing a regenerating and relaxing natural therapy.

• Massages

Complete therapeutic massage - Classic western massage, Swedish-style, based on more or less intense caresses and pressure on the skin and muscles, contracture-relieving and muscle relaxing.
Plantar reflexology - Digital acupoint pressure on the feet, ideal for stimulating the functions of internal organs, excellent as a natural check-up on their state of health.
Decontractyl massage - Treatment dedicated to those who suffer from muscular tension, especially in the back. This massage is particularly appreciated by men and those who practice sports or are forced to maintain incorrect postures for long periods of time.
Cervical massage - Excellent therapy for those who suffer from neck aches. Delicate massage useful in preventing and treating cervical pain.
Connectival massage - Acts on modifying the state of connective tissues at the basis of the most common imperfections, such as cellulite and wrinkles, improving vascularization. Excellent when combined with lymphatic drainage.
Myofascial postural massage - The latest technique to loosen up postural stiffness, able to eliminate acute and chronic tension, as well as useful for the realignment of the entire bodily posture.
Therapeutic lymph-draining - Manual massage to favour circulation of the lymph and the flow of organic liquids and stagnant toxins, favouring the reabsorption of edemas and relaxing muscular fibres. Also indicated for those who have had a mastectomy.

• Physiotherapy session

Physiotherapy + kinetic massage

• Osteopathic manual therapy

Specifically for neck pain, lumbar pain, cervicalgia, lumbar sciatica, slipped discs, (recommended every 2 - 3 days).

• Diacutaneous myofibrolysis

Manual therapy with fibrolysis hooks, special instruments for chronic back problems, stiffness and long-standing contractures, slipped discs, osteophytes, paresthesias, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome (Recommended every 3 - 4 days).

• Adamski Abdominal Massage and artery stretching

Recommended once a week, manipulation of the abdomen, femoral artery and safena vein, duodenum unblocking combined with plant wraps for a swollen abdomen, with constipation and heavy leg syndrome.

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