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Montegrotto hotels


  • • Overdekt thermaal zwembad
  • • Thermaal buitenzwembad met hydromassage
  • • Fitness Room
  • • Thermale grot (sauna)
  • • Thermale baden met ontspannende hydromassages
  • • Intern thermaal centrum

Montegrotto hotel

Montegrotto hotels


Neem een pauze, besteed tijd aan jezelf, laat je verwennen door ons aanbod voor jouw welzijn, om je energie terug te laten keren, om je uiterlijk te verbeteren, om je geest te laten rusten en in evenwicht te zijn, om in harmonie het leven van iedere dag te leven: onze SPA-manager en het hele team wellnes-centrum EGO WELLNESS & BEAUTY wachten op je om je de aandacht te geven die je verdient, om je te helpen bij het ervaren van diepe ontspanning. Geef jezelf over aan een welzijn bestaande uit pure verwennerij.

De vijf cabines van EGO WELLNESS & BEAUTY gewijd aan wellness zijn ingericht volgens de principes van de chromotherapie. Iedere cabine met verschillende soorten muziek en geuren. Van de cabines voor de aromatische massages, van de futons voor de shatsu-behandelingen, van het ayurveda-bedje vrij van metalen onderdelen, tot de thay-kamer voor de behandelingen als koppel. Wij hebben onze operateurs geselecteerd op basis van de voorbereiding en de passie voor hun werk. Dankzij de continue update-cursussen waaraan zij deelnemen, worden uw behandelingen uitgevoerd door uiterst gekwalificeerd personeel.

Speciale aanbiedingenRSS

Van 16 Maart 2021 tot 20 December 2021

MINI WEEK END - Special offer 1 night and 2 days - from 119 €

" Overnight relaxation weekend " ...

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Pakket van de maandRSS

UNWIND - 79 €

1 Body peeling with sea salt (25')
1 Regenerating bath with pure thermal water and ozone hydromassage
1 Total body relaxing aroma massage (25')
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...


1 Lymph draining for legs or 1 Anti-stress massage (25')
1 Moisturising massage with natural almond oil (25')
1 Facial massage with moisturising cream (25')
1 Relaxing massage with aromatic oils (25') . . . . . . . . ...

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Wellness treatments

• Anti-stress massage

Relaxing body massage with moisturising cream. It helps to relieve the tension accumulated in muscles.

• Aromarelax massage

A body massage based on essential oils and aromatic extracts. The different essences rivive vital energy helping to get mind –body harmony back (orange, lemon, lavander, chocolate, milk and honey, grape, rose, citrus fruits, almond…).

• Firey massage

Its main effects concern stimulating blood and lymphatic systems. It is an anti-cellulite and haeomolymphatic massage which is able to slow the processes of senescence and to disintoxicate the organism.

• Sport massage

Before activity it prepares the organism to have an excellent response to physical effort. After physical activity it helps to decontract muscles and revive circulation.

• Chilly pepper massage

Energetic massage: skin immediately appears more toned, microcirculation is activated by red chilly pepper essence, the slight heat created causes a temporary increase in base metabolism.

• Fresh fruit massage

Anti-stress massage on whole body, not using creams or oils but freshly squeezed fruit is massaged directly onto the body. Excellent anti-ageing for the skin, a real vitamin recharge.

• Anti-stress Thai massage

Combines the digital pressare points in Chinese medecine with assisted stretching which physically opens up the body and relaxes the mind.

• Hawaian massage

Anti-stress massage, similar to a dance, done with very delicate movements which eliminate stress and giving wellbeing, joy and harmony.

• Lomi-lomi massage

Lomi Lomi is a relaxing and toning massage. The masseur uses hands and forearms. Through a series of long and rhythmic movements muscles are relaxed and articulation is soothed.

• Emotional massage

This type of massage gives the body the gift of “spring” to the senses.  The synchronised movements of the massage, leave you in a completely relaxed state of mind, with a feeling of wellbeing.

• Californian massage

Circular movements ascending and descending the body following the rhythm of music, while the skin is sprinkled with essential oils. Ideal for aiding oxygen to reach the whole body.

• Shiatsu

Pressure is applied along the meridians distributed along the body, balancing energy blocks and eliminating pains in joints and muscles.

• Chocotherapy

Chocolate contains the secret for happiness. Its smell stimulates endorphins, the wellbeing hormones. Cocoa butter deeply nourishes and moisturises the skin. Moreover, theobromine is good for fighting localised fat deposits.

• Massage for couples

Massage designed for couples. Two masseurs work together, in an environment which has been created to intensify physical and emotional feelings. Very pleasurable and relaxing.

• Hot stone therapy

Stone Therapy is a relaxing technique: the skin is rubbed with heated volcanic stones. The aim is to stimulate energy points, eliminating anxiety and stress. It is based on the theory of alternating cold and hot. Applying the hot and cold stones speeds up blood circulation which influences the elimination of toxins. The sensation of heat on the skin helps muscles to relax and relieve stiffness.

Ayurveda massages

• Ayurveda tridosha massage

Body massage using warm and relaxing oils, ideal for balancing the "3 energies" which make up the psycho-physical of every person.

• Ayurveda massage + padabhyanga

Ayurveda body massage combined with the traditional foot washing and massage.

• Ayur-mummy / ayur-baby massage

Ayurveda massage designed with the expectant mother in mind: relaxing, beneficial, teaching mother and infant to communicate at a deeper level.

• Shirodhara + Shiroabhyaga

This is a very particular and intense treatment. While a delicate trickle of warm oil is poured slowly  on the third eye zone, a complete body massage is done freeing the mind from tiredness and worries. It strengthens the nervous system and balances the hormonal system.

• Pindasweda massage

Deeply relaxing massage on the whole body, using pads and tepid oils. The oriental music playing in the background helps reach a deep state of wellbeing.

Treatments in "Nuvola"

• Relaxation in "Nuvola"

Exclusive relaxing treatment, unwinding in a tub with a float. Without stress, chromo-therapy and underwater whirlpool jets help stretch the spine, draining heavy legs and relaxing muscles, ideal for those who need to slow down, get more sleep or rid themselves of annoying headaches.

• Peeling treatments in "Nuvola"

Body peeling followed by a wrap and relax in the Cloud Tub to allow the active ingredients to deeply penetrate.
Treatment with Dei Colli extravirgin olive oil
Treatment with honey and Dei Colli Milk
Treatment with Tauleto aromatized grape-stones
Chocolate treatment

Baby and Teen Cuddles

• Ayurvedic baby massage

Massage dedicated to children to teach parents some simple steps to let them specially pamper their children.

• Teen massage

A relaxing, vanilla, chocolate or strawberry massage for youngsters using "sweet" essences.

• Cool face cleaning

Delicate facial cleansing for teenagers whose skin requires special attention.

Cuddles for New Moms

• Prenatal water
• Maternity massage (Destressing for the legs and relaxing for the back)
• Light body peeling
• Maternity facial cleansing
• Relax in a dry flotation tank (Relief for back and legs)

Sensory Paths

Sugar scrub and relaxing body massage with the addition of sensual Butter Choose your fragrance: Milk and Vanilla, Orange and Vanilla, Oriental Flowers, Lily of the Valley, Tropical Lime

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