The Pools

In our Thermal Wellness Park you will find:

Emotional shower

Hot and cold shower therapy

Kneipp therapy

Finnish sauna

Fitness Corner

Vitaminized waters

Pamper yourself with thermal water

Four pools, four special moments. At the Eliseo, the pools are the ultimate in relaxation.

The thermal waters are very pure as they gush out at 87° C, reaching our springs after a 30-year journey, travelling 80 km at a depth of almost 3000 metres, and fill the pools. That's why diving in will be a unique experience.

We are in constant evolution: we have renovated the hotel and added 12 more hydromassage points, to treat you to new sensations of well-being.

The four beautiful pools with numerous hydromassage points and the comfortable temperature of the thermal water allowed us moments of pure relaxation.

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Piscina Incanto
Piscina Incanto
Piscina Incanto

The Incanto is an indoor pool, surrounded by precious architectural elements: the wooden fan, created thanks to the ancient technique of smoking used for gondolas, is by the architect Antonio Sarto. Inside you will find 3 massaging geysers, 1 three-seater dormeuse with effervescence hydromassage, 6 hydromassage armchairs and 2 total body beds, 4 standing hydromassage barrels, 2 standing champagne hydromassages. Here you will also find the Kneipp therapy with perfect vascular gymnastics to lighten the legs and bring relief.

Piscina Incanto

Incanto Pool

An elegant lounge made of water.

Surface area 70 m²
Depth 130 cm
Temperature 34,5 °C – 36,6 °C
Piscina La Fonte 1956 | Hotel Eliseo
la fonte, eliseo
Piscina La Fonte | Hotel Eliseo
La Fonte Hotel Eliseo

La Fonte (The Spring) boasts a continuous flow of thermal water because it was built on the Hotel Eliseo's first thermal water vein, discovered in 1956. Embraced by a heavenly mist and a distinctive scent, it will take you on an ancestral journey through history, nature and health. Inside, you will find 3 total body hydromassage points and a cervical cascade. A truly therapeutic pool, because it is free from chemical agents.

Special mention for La Fonte 1956, miraculous for muscle tension.

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la fonte, eliseo

Piscina La Fonte (The Spring Pool) – Eliseo, 1956

Unique, directly from the source.

Surface area 18 m²
Depth 40 cm – 120 cm
Temperature 34°C – 38°C
Piscina Allegra Hotel Eliseo
Piscina Allegra Hotel Eliseo
Piscina Allegra di sera
Hotel Eliseo
Esterni | Hotel Eliseo

It is called Allegra (Cheerful) because it inspires happiness: our outdoor pool is located in the garden, in a sunny position. Inside, you will find 2 total body effervescent beds, a total body hydromassage bed, 3 cervical cascades, a mushroom-shaped neck massager, a bench with lumbar and plantar jets in 6 points, the vascular walk and hydromassage jets for the back and the legs, 2 effervescent dormeuses, 3 micro-hydromassage columns, 3 champagne barrels.

Piscina Allegra di sera

Allegra Pool

Effervescent sunbathing.

Surface area 250 m²
Depth 125 cm
Temperature 35°C – 36°C
Piscina Attiva
Piscina Attiva

Linked to Allegra, it is the pool in which you will find activities such as water aerobics, hydrokinesis and hydrobike. Attiva lets you get back into shape in a gentle and relaxing way, without ever missing a moment of well-being. You can get to it by taking the lift.


Attiva Pool

A combination of sport and relaxation.

Surface area 50 m²
Depth 125 cm – 130 cm
Temperature 34°C – 35°C

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