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The Wellness Centre

Here, you will find:

Music therapy


Beauty products

Relaxation area with herbal teas

You are the most important person

At the Eliseo Hotel we have created spaces that are ideal for rediscovering your psychophysical well-being.

The booths at the Wellness Centre have different fragrances and relaxing music and each area is simply dedicated to your relaxation.

Take your time, lie down and let yourself be massaged. Indulge in a treatment that will make your skin glow. We will help you find the programmes that are best for you, to complete your holiday dedicated to feeling good, especially about yourself.

Full immersion in relaxation

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Sensory treatments

massaggio antistress

Anti-stress Massage

25’ : € 34
55' : € 59

A relaxing body massage with moisturiser. It will help you get rid of the tension that has built up in your muscles.

Massaggio Shiatsu

Shiatsu Massage

25’ : € 39
55’ : € 69

With pressure exerted along the meridians distributed over the body, this massage rebalances energy blocks and eliminates joint and muscle pain.

massaggio ayurveda

Ayurvedic Massage

55’ : € 69

Body massage with warm, relaxing oils, ideal for rebalancing the "3 energies" that make up the physical and mental part of every person.

From the spa to the future

We take care of you with the best beauty lines. Our beauty moments include both the use of spa products, such as the Aponus line, and cutting-edge products such as those of the Marzia Clinic. You can choose the treatments you like best, from traditional to novelty.

Aesthetic Project

Beauty treatments


Body lymphatic drainage

55' : € 59

A body massage that facilitates the drainage of lymphatic fluids from the tissues. Lymphatic drainage is excellent for fighting the signs of cellulitis and facilitating the reabsorption of oedemas.

scrub allo zucchero

Sugar scrub and butter massage

55' : € 59

Ideal for eliminating dead cells, treating discoloration, reviving a dull complexion: sugar is exfoliating and moisturising, making it simply excellent for a facial scrub. We combine it with a relaxing body massage using luscious butter. There are various fragrances for you to choose from: milk and vanilla, orange and vanilla, oriental flowers, lily of the valley, tropical and lime.

pulizia viso

Thermal facial cleansing

55' : € 59

Thanks to the use of thermal water, our facial cleansing facilitates the elimination of impurities and improves hydration and elasticity.


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